All 4 Each is a new unit to inspire a cooperative conscience for students in grades 7 to 12. The material was developed for use by teachers and educators. The material has been designed to be instantly accessible for anyone presenting the material regardless of how much knowledge they already have about cooperatives.

Thanks to the partners of the Cooperative Community Strategy, it has been translated in French, (Tous pour un) and distributed to every high school in Manitoba. The free, classroom ready, five-lesson unit can easily be adapted to a number of classes: from Social Studies (Global Issues: Citizenship and Sustainability) to Career Development, SICs and SIPs.

All 4 Each is a core part of our youth engagement and education strategy and is designed to link youth with cooperatives and credit unions in meaningful,relevant and engaging ways.

(Please note that depending on the speed of your connection, these files may take a while to load)

For information on using All 4 Each in your classroom, please contact Erwan Bouchaud at MCA.

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