In Spring of 2009, MCA and its' partners, CDEM and the Provincial Government, entered into a partnership agreement and conducted baseline research about co-ops in Manitoba.  Using this research and the outcome of a large consultation process, the three organizations led the development and implementation of the Manitoba Cooperative Community Vision and Strategy which aims to stimulate, broaden and sustain the development of a socially and economically successful Manitoba cooperative community.

The original strategy suggested a 10-year vision divided in two 5-year phases. The first five years were a success, and saw the creation of a Chair in Cooperative Enterprises at the University of Winnipeg, the introduction of the Multi-stakeholder Co-op model and the development of a Co-op Development Tax Credit Fund whereby contributors receive a tax credit for their contribution.

In the fall of 2014, the 3 partners conducted a second consultation process which led to the development of Phase 2 of the Strategy, and the renewal of the partnership. Since then, about 20 representatives of Manitoba cooperative community work on a volunteer base towards the implementation of the Manitoba Cooperative Community Strategy. All our projects aims to address gaps identified in specific 3 strategic areas around Policy Environment & Co-op Legislation, Co-op Awareness & Education, Infrastructure Support & Services for Co-ops.

In April 2017, financial support for the strategy was eliminated by the province.  While partners will continue to implement strategy objectives, without financial support and a project manager implementation is increasingly challenging.  

Reading materials:

  • Baseline Research: To learn what co-ops told us about themselves, click here.  To learn what Manitobans told us about co-ops, click here.
  • Manitoba Cooperative Community Strategy: For more information about the original strategy and the suggested activities to be implemented in Phase 1 (2009-2014), click here.
  • Phase 2 of the strategy: To learn more about the outcome of Phase 1 and the plan for Phase 2 of the strategy (2015-2020), click here.




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