In Spring of 2009, MCA and its' partners, CDEM and the Provincial Government, entered into a partnership agreement and conducted baseline research about co-ops in Manitoba.  Using this research and the outcome of a large consultation process, the three organizations led the development and implementation of the Manitoba Cooperative Community Vision and Strategy which aims to stimulate, broaden and sustain the development of a socially and economically successful Manitoba cooperative community.

The original strategy suggested a 10-year vision divided in two 5-year phases. The first five years were a success, and saw the creation of a Chair in Cooperative Enterprises at the University of Winnipeg, the introduction of the Multi-stakeholder Co-op model and the development of a Co-op Development Tax Credit Fund whereby contributors receive a tax credit for their contribution.

In the fall of 2014, the 3 partners conducted a second consultation process which led to the development of Phase 2 of the Strategy, and the renewal of the partnership. Since then, about 20 representatives of Manitoba cooperative community work on a volunteer base towards the implementation of the Manitoba Cooperative Community Strategy. All our projects aims to address gaps identified in specific 3 strategic areas around Policy Environment & Co-op Legislation, Co-op Awareness & Education, Infrastructure Support & Services for Co-ops.

Manitoba co-op managers, board members, and members are always encouraged to get involved. If you are interested in learning more about the outcomes of the strategy and ways you can get involved, please contact its Project Manager, Erwan Bouchaud at (204) 230-1833 or via email

Reading materials:

  • Baseline Research: To learn what co-ops told us about themselves, click here.  To learn what Manitobans told us about co-ops, click here.
  • Manitoba Cooperative Community Strategy: For more information about the original strategy and the suggested activities to be implemented in Phase 1 (2009-2014), click here.
  • Phase 2 of the strategy: To learn more about the outcome of Phase 1 and the plan for Phase 2 of the strategy (2015-2020), click here.




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