Youth figure prominently in the Manitoba Cooperative Community Vision and Strategy to grow, support and promote cooperatives in the province.  The partners of the strategy have identified several initiatives to help educate youth about cooperatives.

  • In recent years, several Youth Cooperatives of Services (YCS) have been started in both rural and urban areas of Manitoba.  The YCS helps young people start cooperatives and learn about business using the cooperative model.  This program has shifted direction but some groups still run a YCS in the summer.
  • The Cooperative Enterprise and Leadership Program is the newest youth co-op initiative. Implemented in 2014 at Children Of The Earth High School as a pilot project, it is an afterschool program that teaches cooperation and business basics while adopting a project based hands on approach as it leads to the start up, and the management of a student co-op.
  • To celebrate 2012, the International Year of Cooperatives, All 4 Each, a co-op curriculum was developed by the Ontario Co-op Association. That same year, the teaching material was distributed province wide to Manitoba schools for use with students from grades 7 to 10.
  • In 2015, Saskatchewan Co-op Association in collaboration with MCA and Alberta Community & Cooperative Association developed My Co-op Adventure which could be considered a sequel to All 4 Each. This new module explores further the co-op model and is directed to students from grade 10 to 12.

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