Contributions to the Tax Credit Fund have benefitted co-ops in Manitoba in various ways.  The purpose of the funding provided is twofold – to provide much needed technical assistance and to provide grants to both new and expanding cooperatives.  

Technical assistance not only allows the co-op model to be widely promoted in Manitoba but has also helped several groups incorporate and learn how to start healthy, sustainable co-ops.  

Support from our contributors has provided funding to the following Manitoba co-ops:

Albert Street Autonomous Zone Marketing Co-op

Betelstadur Housing Co-ops

Bodegoes Restaurant Workers Pool

Carpathia Housing Co-op

Columbus Centennial Seniors Housing Co-op

Cycleworks Worker Co-op Limited

Distillery Communications Pool

Dragon Arts Collective Marketing Cooperative

Four Directions Cooperative Centre for Trauma Recovery

Friendly's Grocery Co-op

Kalyna Ukrainian Co-op

Manitoba Bed and Breakfast Co-operative

Meadowlark Future Steering Committee

Mondragon Bookstore and Coffeehouse

Natural Cycle Courier

Natural Cycleworks Worker Co-op

Northern Culture Artists Cooperative

Old Grace Housing Cooperative

Peg City Car Co-op

Physique Plus Fitness Coop

Pollock's Hardware Co-op

Prince Ogitchita Motivational Arts Co-operative

South Osborne Housing Co-op

Springfield Seniors Non-Profit Housing Co-op

St. Claude Wind Energy

Urban Eatin' Gardeners Workers Co-op

Village Canadien Housing Co-op

War on Music Worker Cooperative

Western Manitoba Seniors Non-Profit Housing Co-operative

Winnipeg Foodshare Co-op



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