Member Companies and Organizations

The Manitoba Cooperative Association has 10 members that represent approximately 150 individual co-ops in Manitoba.  Please email us or call (204) 989-5930 for more information on becoming a member.

Arctic Co-operatives Ltd. (Arctic Co-ops) provides leadership and expertise to 32 member cooperatives in the Northwest Territories, Nunavut and the Yukon. These diverse co-op businesses provide service to their communities in the areas of general retailing, hotels, petroleum delivery, taxi and cartage services, commercial and residential rental units, airline ticket agencies, and cable television services. Arctic Co-ops serves its members by providing systems for collective purchasing and distribution, marketing of northern crafts and tourism, training and education, operational and technical support, and management advice and support. Arctic Co-ops Ltd. works side-by-side with the Arctic Co-op Development Fund.

Canadian Worker Co-operative Federation Founded in 1990, CWCF is the national federation representing both English and French speaking worker co-operatives in Canada. CWCF aims to promote the principles of worker ownership and control and the ideals of democracy in the workplace by developing an integrated network of worker co-operatives that provide a high quality of work life, and together support the development of healthy and sustainable communities, based on co-operative principles. As the leader and united voice for the worker co-operative movement in the country, CWCF has since 1991 been creating strategies for development; representing the sector to government, the public at large, and the Canadian co-operative network; creating resources and supports for existing and emerging worker co-operatives; and providing forums and networks to help unite, support and develop worker co-ops across the country.

Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada (CHF Canada) is the nation-wide umbrella organization for co-op housing and Canada’s link with co-op housing around the world. As spelled out in its mission, mandate and values, CHF Canada exists to unite, represent and serve the co-op housing community across Canada.

The Co-operators Group Ltd. is a Canadian co-operative with more than $44.0 billion in assets under administration. Through its group of companies, it offers home, auto, life, group, travel, commercial and farm insurance, as well as investment products. The Co-operators is well known for its community involvement and its commitment to sustainability. The Co-operators is ranked as the Corporate Knights' #1 Best 50 Corporate Citizen in Canada and listed among the Best Employers in Canada by Aon Hewitt. 

Credit Union Central of Manitoba (also known as Manitoba Central) is the provincial trade association and central banking facility for Manitoba credit unions. It provides its member credit unions with financial, educational and technological leadership and services, and provides representation for the province’s credit unions at the provincial and national levels.

Federated Co-operatives Limited (FCL) provides central wholesaling, manufacturing and administrative services to approximately 250 locally-owned retail co-operatives across Western Canada. Together, FCL and its member retail co-ops are known as the Co-operative Retailing System in Western Canada, providing members with a variety of goods and services ranging from petroleum, food and general merchandise to crop supplies and feed.

Granny's Poultry Cooperative (Manitoba Ltd.)  is one of Canada’s last remaining farmer-owned poultry cooperatives. Granny’s is owned by 185 chicken, turkey, and hatching egg producers and employs a diverse team of 490 people at its processing plant in Blumenort, Manitoba, plus its hatchery and head office in Winnipeg, Man. Although they are the largest poultry producer in the province, producing 48 million kilograms of chicken and turkey annually, it is a company that demonstrates a commitment to employees and product quality over profits.

Nor'West Co-op Health & Social Services Centre has served the Inkster community northwest Winnipeg since 1972. Nor'West is a forerunner in taking multi-service, holistic, team approach to health care. We provide a wide range of health related services including medical care, counseling, education and community outreach. Nor'West is the only non-profit community based health care agency in the Inkster area. Nor'West recognizes the effect that life style, access to resources and income have oh the health of individuals and families. Nor’West works with the community to create safer and healthier neighbourhoods for children and families.

SEED Winnipeg Inc. is a non-profit agency that works to reduce poverty and help renew Winnipeg’s inner city. They do this by helping people start small businesses and save money for future goals.  SEED Winnipeg’s Asset Building Programs assist low-income participants to save for productive assets or household necessities. To help participants meet their savings goals, their programs include money management training classes, matched savings credits that are added to the funds that participants save on their own, opportunities for peer support from fellow participants, and one-to-one support from SEED staff.  SEED’s Business Development Services help low-income individuals and groups develop and expand small business enterprises and co-ops in Winnipeg.  Recognition Counts is a program that provides supports to skilled immigrants wishing to work in their fields of expertise in Manitoba. 

Westman Communications Group (WCG) began in 1977 as Westman Media Cooperative Ltd., which first introduced cable television into Western Manitoba. WCG is a business owned and controlled by its members and anyone who is a WCG cable TV customer can become a member.

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